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25 years as a business coach, in the health care industry, has given Chris firsthand knowledge of the office environment which all began with Chris working at his in-laws' dental office. He’s now helped many practitioners and their employees create happier, healthier office environments where patients love to visit and the employees actively and willingly contribute.
Due to the overwhelming success of his business coaching, Chris began conducting seminars and workshops for the health care industry, right across North America, on various topics of interest. Topics included "Effective Communications", "One Voice", "No Patient Receivables", and his most recent concept, "Elements of a Great Office Meeting".

Seminar Topics

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Elements For a Great Office Meeting

Are your office meetings boring and not as productive as you planned? The foundation of every great organization is their ability to meet and communicate ideas. Your office meeting can be Great, we will go through the steps to create a successful, productive, and engaging meeting. We will discuss our “21 Elements of a Great Office Meeting" and provide you with a “Template for Success” an action guide to help you get started. 

Some of the topics we cover in this seminar include: 
  • Meeting structure varieties 
  • Topics of interest for the meeting
  • Creating awesome themes for your office meeting
  • How to elevate everyone's communication skills 
  • ​What to look for during the meeting
  • ​Time intervals for meetings

What attendees have said...

We never had an office meeting before-Chris’ template for success makes it easy
Our staff now look forward to the staff meetings, Chris suggested that everyone get involved
in the process, now it’s like planning a social event that gets the job done
Never knew what to talk about at an office meeting and now after attending your (Chris’)
seminar there is never enough time to talk about all the subjects he suggested.

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What's Your Next?

Whether you are 29 or 99, knowing what your next will be is simply good planning. Relationships, new office, selling the office, charity, legacy, health, these are all major events that could be your next. Chris presents a simple plan to help guide you towards your ideal next and your next after that! He will provide the reasoning and clarity you need, for each component of the plan, to be able to employ this process time and time again. 

Some of the topics cover in this seminar include: 
  • Legacy - what does that mean to you?
  • Your filter of Non-negotiables
  • What you need to STOP!
  • Categories of Next 
  • ​Buck List
  • ​The W5 of your next
  • ​Ideal process for picking Your Next

What attendees have said...

I knew I had to plan what I was going to do next but never considered working it through by using a process. I was going to be like most people and just be reactive, now I'm going to use the process Chris presented to figure out all my "Nexts".
For the rest of the event, attendees were asking each other - “What’s your next?” Chris’s presentation really resonated with everyone and created a new conversation and focus for our attendees at our event.
My wife and I attended the presentation together, what an eye opener. Now, together we can plan what are next will be with complete confidence knowing it will make us both very happy!

Waking Up On The Wrong Side of the Bed?

This energetic presentation will have your group laughing at this familiar expression and learning how to overcome this feeling or state-of-mind. How often have you heard someone say, "did you get out of bed on the wrong side" or maybe you have said it to a co-worker or loved-one... every morning. We will examine topics that affect this state-of-mind such as sleep, associations, relationships, conditioning, diet, exercise and mind prepping. We will offer up some life changing suggestions that are excellent to apply to your everyday routine. Come learn how to get out of bed on the right side even if it’s the middle of the day.

Some of the topics we cover in this seminar include: 
  • How food can affect your mood / state-of-mind
  • What not  to do before going to bed
  • ​Setting your bedroom up for a good night's sleep
  • How to get your mind / head ready for bed
  • ​What you may not want to hear about watching TV

What attendees have said...

I brought my whole staff –now mornings at the office are more bearable
I should have brought my husband with me
Chris makes it simple as he says, “little things can create big change!”
I brought the whole staff, what an eye opener, concrete suggestions that dramatically improved our working environment.
I leant that waking up on the wrong side of the bed is much more than just sleep, Chris thanks for sharing your lessons about a better lifestyle, it changed my life 
It works; I just stopped doing some of the things you (Chris) mentioned and it worked.  

Deal with the People Who Want to be Dealt With

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to work each morning excited to see everyone? This seminar helps you create your ideal office environment, one where employees are excited to contribute and clients tell friends about their amazing experience.

We will explain how to develop your ideal client, where to find them and get them to visit your office. These clients will fit right into your office structure, one you developed by asking the right questions, with the right people, and the right systems. Your office will be dealing with people you want to serve and build a lifelong healthcare relationship.

Some of the topics we cover in this seminar include: 
  • How to develop your employee, office, and client profiles.
  • How to setup a client visit for an interview.
  • ​How to determine who should do the interviews
  • ​Learn the proper way to conduct a client interview
  • ​How to ask for referrals
  • ​Review your marketing - are you attracting the right clients?

What attendees have said...

Now we all come to work and are excited to see EVERYONE on the schedule. 
The best part is we know more about us and who we want to be our patient / client
We realized that we were asking for referrals the wrong way.

Can We Talk? - Mastering T.O.P-T.I.E.R Communication 

T.O.P-T.I.E.R is an acronym for "Team/Office/Patron - This Is Everyone's Responsibility Communication". The premise is a pyramid of communication. The Team, at the bottom, support the Office environment, in the middle), to give the ideal Patron (client / patient) experience, at the top. 

Want a happier office environment, one where clients tell their friends about their amazing experience which increases the overall value of their visit? T.O.P-T.I.E.R helps you understand how to create amazing communication skills that produce a happier office environment. This engaging and interactive seminar breaks down the barriers, thereby allowing everyone to be valued and heard!

Some of the topics we cover in this seminar include: 
  • How to build up a successful communication pyramid
  • Tips on how to reduce or eliminate toxic components 
  • ​How to determine who should do the interviews
  • The skill of truly listening
  • ​Create an environment where everyone is valued and heard!

What attendees have said...

It's crazy how the whole staff was so into this seminar. Chris made it easy to understand and implement great communication.
We needed this years ago - it would have saved so much time and frustration.
This seminar shines new light on an old problem and provides the solutions that I know we can use to master Top Tier Communication!

After me you come first

Learn how to find balance in your life without compromising yourself.
Do you find it hard to say no to others? Leaving work at work? Living up to everyone’s expectations? We'll provide you with steps to overcome these situations. We'll also explore resource management (time, health, family, etc.); creating a home spa; your power ups; and how to keep your needs placed at the top of the list...without feeling guilty.

You will learn that by taking care of yourself first, you can then go back to others with more to offer, thereby getting far more out of all that life has to offer.

Some of the topics we cover in this seminar include:
  • Learn that you do come first
  • Eliminating self- limiting factors in your life
  • ​Learn how time can be leveraged to create stress free zones
  • Learn to set the expectations of others, by living within your limitations

What attendees have said...

It's time for me to take care of me first, Chris gave me the steps to help to take action.
We don't realize just how draining life can be on us, but when you see it the way Chris showed, you know you have to change.
I've always taken care of myself first, it was great to see how I can do even more for myself,  to then do more for those I love.


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Chris Scappatura

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